It All Started With A Cup of Coffee...

For us, coffee is more than just an energizing kick; it's a lifestyle of connection.

Tannin was born from a daily coffee walk between friends & roommates, Joe & Henry. Bonded by our love for coffee, we grew increasingly frustrated by funky-feeling mouths, yellowing teeth, and canker sores.

We set out on a journey to discover how coffee and oral health might thrive together. The result is Tannin - the original post-coffee mouth rinse. But beyond our product is the confidence and connection we hope to inspire through it.

About Us

Who We Are

Two smiling men standing side by side, one in a hoodie and the other in a white shirt.

Our mission is to inspire human connection through lifestyle centric oral care products that uplift your mouth and enhance your day.

About Us

Our Values

About Us

Our Values


We're passionate about empowering individuals to feel their and be their best. Our products are carefully formulated to boost your confidence, so you can share your smile in a way that only you can.

Smiling woman holding a bottle of Tannin mouth rinse, wearing a hoodie with the same brand name.
Two smiling people sitting closely on a park bench.


Our mission goes beyond just oral care; it's about fostering meaningful connections between people. Whether it's sharing a smile with a stranger or bonding over a cup of coffee with friends, we believe in the power of genuine connections and strive to inspire more of them in the world.


We're committed to making a positive impact on people's lives, not only through our products but also through our actions. From sustainable sourcing practices to giving back to our community, we seek to approach every situation with care & understanding.

Woman sitting cross-legged holding a bottle, wearing green overalls and white tee, smiling.
Group of happy friends sitting together on outdoor steps.


Like the coffee that inspired Tannin, community lies at the heart of everything we do. From our Brewville community, that includes each of you, to the communities we seek to support and inspire. We believe we're all better when we spent time together.

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Coffee is the ultimate catalyst for community. Brewville is our community of coffee enthusiasts committed to good oral health & exceptional coffee.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know a few of the talented individuals who lead Tannin.

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Smiling man in white shirt holding a bottle with 'TANNIN' label.

Joe Eiselt


Passionate about coffee and dedicated to redefining oral care for coffee lovers.

Smiling man in green t-shirt standing outdoors.

Henry Davis


Favorite coffee drink: Cortado
Random Passion: Rollerblading

Smiling man in a white hoodie standing against a tree trunk.

Jake Davis

Brand Director

Favorite coffee drink: Oji drip cold brew

Hobbies: Embroidery, DJ-ing

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