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Tannin targets coffee’s side effects, so you can enjoy your brew without compromise.

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Coffee is awesome.

Just not for your oral health.

Coffee Breath

Stained Teeth

Weak Enamel

Dry Mouth

Canker Sores

The Original

Post-Coffee Mouth Rinse

At Home
Our mid-size option is made with the everyday coffee enthusiast in mind. With a design that complements any bathroom or effortlessly fits into your backpack, our signature 2-4 week supply is a game-changer.




On-The-Go (4-Pack)
The perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. Toss in your backpack or pick one up from your favorite coffee shop. Our sustainable, single-serve bottles are designed to travel wherever you and your coffee roam.





All-Natural Ingredients

We believe your mouth rinse should be just as natural as your coffee.

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Coffee contains tannins that can stain teeth, acid that can erode tooth enamel, and caffeine that can dry out the mouth, reducing saliva production and leading to an increased risk of cavities.

— Dr. Michael Wei, Dentist

For Coffee Drinkers,

By Coffee Drinkers

Tannin was born from our own frustration with cofffee's oral impact. Giving up our coffee wasn't an option, so we created Tannin instead.


Your Coffee Companion

Tannin exists to inspire human connection through all-natural products that enhance your coffee experience and uplift your oral health.

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Targeted Oral

We developed Tannin with the support of Dentists and Barsitas alike. Tracking the latest oral health research, Tannin works to support your oral microbiome

Support Baristas &
Coffee Workers

As former baristas ourselves, we know the financial struggle of the service industry. That’s why a portion of our profits go directly back to the people who make coffee happen

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Tannin’s aluminum bottles are meant to be refilled and re-used. We chose aluminum because of it’s low impact and high reward.

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Coffee is the ultimate catalyst for community. At Tannin - that's what we're all about. 

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Coffee and Oral Health no longer have to live at odds!

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